News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Guam shaken by Pacific earthquake 0 bbc
Huge Japan protest over textbook 1 bbc
Ukraine rivals ready for election 0 bbc
Gingrich will not seek presidency 0 bbc
Tories to make stamp duty pledge 0 bbc
Schools to become 'world class' 1 bbc
Rally goes ahead as McRae tribute 1 bbc
UN envoy heading for Burma talks 1 bbc
'Kurd attack' kills 12 in Turkey 0 bbc
EU mobile phone charges reduced 0 bbc
Anglican call for gay 'inclusion' 0 bbc
Bodybuilders undergo 'lie' tests 0 bbc
Naval centre to combat cocaine 0 bbc
Action call on 'cancer lifestyle' 1 bbc
Drug is a problem, Michael admits 0 bbc
Memorial tribute for rally star 0 bbc