News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Fire breaks out at Berlin airport 3 bbc
Clampdown on excessive speeders 8 bbc
Arab plan explained in Hebrew ads 1 bbc
Zimbabwe rivals to resume talks 2 bbc
Gazans despair over blockade 0 bbc
Sparrow numbers 'plummet by 68%' 3 bbc
October UK retail sales fall 0.1% 4 bbc
Balloon campaign assails N Korea 0 bbc
EU reaches deal on farm reforms 4 bbc
ICC seeks rebel arrests in Darfur 0 bbc
China revives Burma pipeline plan 0 bbc
Somali tanker pirates 'want $25m' 2 bbc
Zimbabwe snubs Annan aid mission 1 bbc
October UK retail sales fall 0.1% 3 bbc
Hebrew papers told of Arab plan 0 bbc
Unknown heroes 0 bbc