News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Qatari law 'will protect' maids 0 bbc
Talks restart as fuel strike ends 5 bbc
Talks restart as fuel strike ends 13 bbc
Gore backs Obama for presidency 4 bbc
Police out as torch hits Xinjiang 8 bbc
Grave found in search for woman 3 bbc
Mother's 'little angels' tribute 2 bbc
£6m 'promised to Irish language' 1 bbc
PM hits back over civil liberties 2 bbc
Murder case bail ban 'problems' 5 bbc
Denmark's refugees in legal limbo 1 bbc
Consumer inflation 'could top 4%' 18 bbc
French defence to counter terror 7 bbc
Afghans flee amid fears of battle 5 bbc
NHS top-up care ban under review 7 bbc
Israel and Hamas 'agree truce' 10 bbc