News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Gunman shot clubber in the head 1 bbc
Australia 'has harmed PNG ties' 0 bbc
Fans voice McClaren fears in poll 0 bbc
Hain to deliver Commons statement 0 bbc
Assembly set for opencast appeal 0 bbc
Muslim debate continues 0 bbc
Kelly urges response to extremism 0 bbc
Dubai rulers reject slavery case 0 bbc
US, Japan hold talks on N Korea 1 bbc
Man charged over Iowa bloodbath 0 bbc
Misconduct hearings over murder 0 bbc
Strong earthquake rattles Hawaii 4 bbc
Ecuador set for run-off election 7 bbc
Ex-hostages to demand UK inquiry 0 bbc
Latam pair in battle for UN seat 0 bbc
Ecuador set for run-off election 6 bbc