News Article Title Version Source Discovered
1947 Jew disembarkation 'humane' 0 bbc
Ferry capsizes in Amazon region 2 bbc
Spouse witness law to be scrapped 0 bbc
Catamaran ferry begin sea trials 0 bbc
Bolivia region 'chooses autonomy' 7 bbc
Man still held over bar shooting 1 bbc
Health tourist checks 'not done' 1 bbc
Hollyoaks scoops six soap awards 1 bbc
Targets 'drive out head teachers' 1 bbc
Two young boys found dead in car 3 bbc
Vivaldi work revived 278 years on 2 bbc
Murder charge after street attack 0 bbc
Nuclear threat sparked tea worry 0 bbc
Scarlett's organs remain in India 0 bbc
Teachers 'need better training' 0 bbc
'No agreement' during Tibet talks 4 bbc