News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Doubts over Libyan murder trial 0 bbc
'Desperate concern' over suicides 2 bbc
World gears up for Potter release 1 bbc
Freed Palestinians welcomed home 4 bbc
Inquiry outcome 'extraordinary' 1 bbc
Tories shrug off by-election blow 13 bbc
Torrential rain sweeps across UK 8 bbc
Hallows be thy name 0 bbc
Arrests over Liberia 'coup plot' 2 bbc
Car plot charge doctor remanded 1 bbc
Ethiopia releases protest leaders 3 bbc
Five trapped in building by flood 1 bbc
Brazil jet reverse thruster 'off' 3 bbc
Tories shrug off by-election blow 12 bbc
Inquiry outcome 'extraordinary' 0 bbc
China rates rise to cool economy 2 bbc