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Quiz of the week's news 0 bbc
How can birds learn to talk? 0 bbc
Downton Abbey: War, ratings and blistering one-liners 0 bbc
Argentina marks 'Night of the Pencils' 0 bbc
Two arrested after shots fired in Carrickfergus 0 bbc
Assurances sought over Stena Line ferry jobs 0 bbc
Glasgow concern over council service share plan 0 bbc
'Peace wall' gate to open at Belfast's Alexandra Park 0 bbc
Nasa's Kepler telescope finds planet orbiting two suns 0 bbc
Trapped miners: Divers sent into Swansea Valley mine 11 bbc
Scottish school heads join pupil improvement group 0 bbc
Halle Berry expected in Glasgow to film Cloud Atlas 0 bbc
Eight charged with supplying prostitutes to Berlusconi 0 bbc
Yemen unrest: Protesters wounded in Taiz 0 bbc
Syrian opposition unveils council names 0 bbc
Hospital births move has halved newborn deaths in China 0 bbc