News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Young people give views on finding jobs 0 bbc
Simon San death 'public inquiry' raised 0 bbc
Libya crisis: The story so far 3 bbc
Marion Graham and Kathy Dinsmore: bodies back in NI 3 bbc
Wheelchair protester: IPCC partially upholds complaint 3 bbc
Mass protests in Kiev, Ukraine against Tymoshenko trial 0 bbc
France introduces new tax on high incomes 0 bbc
Riot inciter Johnny Melfah loses anonymity after court ruling 0 bbc
Earthquake leaves Washington schools and monuments shut 3 bbc
Hurricane Irene reaches category three on way to US 4 bbc
Tourist Michael Lonergan relives broken neck ordeal 2 bbc
Spurs win right to challenge 2012 stadium decision 6 bbc
Four arrests and six rescued in Belfast human trafficking probe 2 bbc
Libya conflict: Gaddafi 'must tell supporters to quit' 5 bbc
Rebels pushing to secure Tripoli 9 bbc
Newcastle student Elsie Richardson, 85, starts PhD 0 bbc