News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Woman found in woodland strangled 2 bbc
Exam results published on website 1 bbc
Search for skipper yields debris 3 bbc
Airport expansion plans confirmed 4 bbc
Woman found in woodland strangled 1 bbc
Village flood defences questioned 3 bbc
Teach languages, primaries urged 3 bbc
Egypt cracks down on Brotherhood 0 bbc
Pregnant Davenport to take break 0 bbc
Mugabe moves to extend his rule 0 bbc
What price a post office? 0 bbc
New figures show road deaths down 0 bbc
Businesswoman 'hired a hit-man' 0 bbc
Study reveals converted gun use 1 bbc
Sudan dismisses Darfur 'threats' 1 bbc
Thirty years for man who shot Pc 2 bbc