News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Eight held over post office death 1 bbc
Ruane draft plan 'strange timing' 0 bbc
Priest in armed robbery ordeal 2 bbc
Farmers fear EU pesticide rules 1 bbc
Eight held over post office death 0 bbc
Chronically ill elderly 'to rise' 1 bbc
Food shops 'must fight litter' 1 bbc
Air France aids Alitalia lift off 1 bbc
Russia orders gas supply restart 8 bbc
Germany agrees 50bn euro stimulus 3 bbc
UK economy downturn 'frightening' 5 bbc
Hamill public hearings to begin 1 bbc
Hovis revamp boosts Premier Foods 0 bbc
Eurostar travel hits record level 0 bbc
Nephew death drink-driver jailed 8 bbc
Lack of sleep 'raises cold risk' 3 bbc