News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Iranian Camp Ashraf exiles to begin leaving Iraq camp 0 bbc
North Korea holds memorial service for Kim Jong-il 2 bbc
India and Japan sign new $15bn currency swap agreement 0 bbc
Mexico vote annulled over Juan Manuel Marquez shorts stunt 0 bbc
S Korea's factory output dips on weaker domestic demand 1 bbc
Kim Jong-il state funeral held in North Korea 12 bbc
North Korea to end mourning period for Kim Jong-il 1 bbc
We'll rise to challenge - Ed Miliband new year message 0 bbc
Cantley flat fire which killed man and dog 'suspicious' 0 bbc
NHS Confederation: Hospital-based care 'must change' 0 bbc
South Korea manufacturers gloomy amid global concerns 0 bbc
Syria mission a diplomatic coup for Sudan 0 bbc
Walmart Moms: America's next big voting bloc 0 bbc
Islamists in Egypt's tourist spots win surprise support 0 bbc
Burma blast kills at least 15 in Rangoon 1 bbc
Rent-to-buy credit sector 'morally bankrupt' 1 bbc