News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Iran protesters 'to face trial' 0 bbc
US goods orders suffer sharp fall 0 bbc
Gender pay gap 'not being closed' 6 bbc
Microsoft and Yahoo seal web deal 4 bbc
'Organic has no health benefits' 0 bbc
Pirate Bay unfazed by new threats 1 bbc
Chavez freezes ties with Colombia 2 bbc
Calls to downsize chocolate bars 3 bbc
Families win birth defect battle 14 bbc
Sanha wins Guinea-Bissau election 0 bbc
Drink-drive charge for Sean Hoey 0 bbc
Sudan 'trousers trial' adjourned 5 bbc
Microsoft and Yahoo seal web deal 3 bbc
Accused 'stupid' to get involved 0 bbc
Defamation lawsuit for US tweeter 1 bbc
Mini tornado wreaks havoc on isle 3 bbc