News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Bail for 'death probe' minister 1 bbc
'Massive' strike in South Africa 7 bbc
Peres set to become Israel head 3 bbc
Jobless figures continue to fall 0 bbc
Senior judge cleared of flashing 3 bbc
Point-by-point: Question time 5 bbc
Sex crime drug treatments planned 9 bbc
Bodies of sisters found in house 4 bbc
African economy 'to expand 6.2%' 0 bbc
Point-by-point: Question time 4 bbc
Senior judge cleared of flashing 2 bbc
Blast hits key Iraq Shia shrine 11 bbc
Elderly people's lives 'worsen' 1 bbc
Teenage 'fantasist killed nurse' 5 bbc
Global stocks fall on rate fears 3 bbc
Balcony fall teenager flown home 1 bbc