News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Sea warning after girl's drowning 2 bbc
Dial H for history 2 bbc
Animal rights protester is jailed 3 bbc
How do 2D barcodes work? 1 bbc
Terror victims call for more help 4 bbc
UN's concern over Iraqi killings 0 bbc
'Unlicensed' drug websites raided 0 bbc
CalMac makes 'money-saving' split 3 bbc
CalMac makes 'money-saving' split 2 bbc
Cancer drugs usage 'sees boost' 1 bbc
Mortgage lending jumps in August 0 bbc
Military to get help with housing 0 bbc
Soul man 10 bbc
Teachers 'not making the grade' 2 bbc
Pope says he was 'misunderstood' 2 bbc
Gas leak kills 13 in Ukraine mine 2 bbc