News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Yemen: Political talks open as Saleh recovers in Riyadh 2 bbc
David Hempleman-Adams given aviation award at palace 1 bbc
Limavady union flag row 'bad publicity' for festival 2 bbc
Libya crisis: Nato urges plans for post-Gaddafi era 3 bbc
Man stabbed to death for £12 on birthday in Fulham 1 bbc
Lessons from Chevron Pembroke explosion says Cameron 0 bbc
China ends wind power subsidies after US challenge 2 bbc
Ofgem to tackle 'complex and unfair energy bills' 21 bbc
Vince Cable threatens banks over lending 4 bbc
Majestic shuttle in unique station image 3 bbc
Blackburn Rovers' Steve Kean denies drink-drive charge 1 bbc
Multiple-choice AS-level exam answers 'all wrong' 1 bbc
Cat shot in head with crossbow bolt in St Helens 1 bbc
Doncaster Rovers mascot sacked for underwear pose 1 bbc
Circuses face new rules on animal use as ban ruled out 0 bbc
MPs' tribute to Prince Philip's 'unique turn of phrase' 0 bbc