News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Zambians await election results 3 bbc
Cameron political 'clean-up' call 5 bbc
Iraq soldier 'alive after ambush' 2 bbc
Judge's sympathy for slap mother 1 bbc
Zambians await election results 2 bbc
Quake hits Venezuela and Trinidad 1 bbc
Age law 'threat to minimum wage' 12 bbc
Iran mulled nuclear bomb in 1988 0 bbc
Scientist had 500,000 porn images 0 bbc
Motorway wrong-way driver banned 0 bbc
Mental health services 'failing' 2 bbc
Snap decisions 3 bbc
Energy firm announces price rise 1 bbc
Saddam judge relative shot dead 4 bbc
Age law 'threat to minimum wage' 11 bbc
Arrest in missing road signs case 2 bbc