News Article Title Version Source Discovered
SA crime 'deters foreign firms' 0 bbc
Media leak MSP condemns ban order 1 bbc
Woman injured in attack by dogs 1 bbc
BA pension deficit to hit £2.1bn 1 bbc
Custody for record crack dealer 1 bbc
Age law 'threat to minimum wage' 9 bbc
Soldiers recall Iraq death ambush 0 bbc
Pig's head found outside mosque 0 bbc
CCTV captures racist attack gang 0 bbc
Turkish PM rejects ceasefire call 0 bbc
Anger over cemetery fly tipping 0 bbc
1918 flu virus's secrets revealed 3 bbc
Age law 'threat to minimum wage' 8 bbc
One dead in blast near Tel Aviv 1 bbc
Loyalist is cleared of murder bid 1 bbc
Strike in Kashmir over execution 0 bbc