News Article Title Version Source Discovered
At-a-glance: BNP manifesto 33 bbc
Cameron call over NI state funding 0 bbc
Seven killed in Mexico shoot-out 0 bbc
Stranded in Thailand: Your stories 3 bbc
Man murdered 'divorce party' wife 4 bbc
Three guilty of murdering 'slave' 4 bbc
Poet Porter dies at the age of 81 1 bbc
Paxman pushes Cameron on Lib Dems 3 bbc
US man chooses firing squad death 1 bbc
At-a-glance: BNP manifesto 32 bbc
Manifesto Watch: BNP launch 26 bbc
Arizona OKs anti-immigration bill 2 bbc
Manifesto Watch: BNP launch 25 bbc
At-a-glance: BNP manifesto 31 bbc
9/11 accused wins pay-out ruling 4 bbc
Charges over three 1982 murders 1 bbc