News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Picasso art stolen from gallery 1 bbc
Wright 'may have picked up women' 4 bbc
Bride dies after hospice wedding 0 bbc
Facebook translated into Spanish 0 bbc
Miners to get compensation back 0 bbc
Record lottery prize up for grabs 0 bbc
Minister says tax plans hurt City 2 bbc
Sharia comments trigger criticism 18 bbc
Accused 'may have picked up trio' 3 bbc
Losing your grip 0 bbc
Exercise aids depression, say GPs 0 bbc
Gay Asians 'marrying to conform' 0 bbc
Obesity 'may be largely genetic' 1 bbc
Police numbers 'not sustainable' 14 bbc
Britain 'is true Prozac Nation' 3 bbc
Man accused of raping girl of 14 4 bbc