News Article Title Version Source Discovered
New study to help stroke victims 1 bbc
Spanish judge to probe Franco era 1 bbc
Tougher climate target unveiled 3 bbc
Bomber emailed photos to Pakistan 0 bbc
Harman rejects Mandelson 'smears' 0 bbc
Major diesel spill off Plymouth 1 bbc
Sex-on-beach trial Britons guilty 8 bbc
Tougher climate target unveiled 2 bbc
In conversation with... a computer program 3 bbc
Volatile trading on Wall Street 10 bbc
Vietnamese media trial condemned 0 bbc
Beach sex sentence 'sets example' 0 bbc
Queen has fit of Google giggles 5 bbc
Pope John Paul 'wounded' in 1982 1 bbc
University in 'Oriental' race row 1 bbc
Heavy gunfire near Somali airport 2 bbc