News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Dozens arrested at base protest 1 bbc
One dead in Rome metro collision 1 bbc
Two metro trains collide in Rome 0 bbc
South Africa MPs guilty of fraud 0 bbc
Imran calls for dope test inquiry 0 bbc
Saddam's genocide trial resumes 0 bbc
Hunter's fans set to pay respects 0 bbc
US population to hit 300 million 3 bbc
Peru's ex-President Paniagua dies 0 bbc
Man fights for life after attack 0 bbc
Nuclear needs 'huge expansion' 1 bbc
ISoft confirms takeover meetings 1 bbc
Madonna row child flies into UK 2 bbc
NI patients have longer drug wait 2 bbc
Oil above $60 ahead of Opec deal 0 bbc
Scandinavians stage base protest 0 bbc