News Article Title Version Source Discovered
US pledges stronger Jakarta ties 5 bbc
Colleges on extremist signs watch 3 bbc
US car giants seek $21bn funding 7 bbc
The lowdown on Brits bright stars 0 bbc
Brecon jazz festival is back on 2 bbc
Brown rejects leadership 'gossip' 6 bbc
Zimbabwe pays wages in US dollar 3 bbc
Man 'admits' abducting pensioner 1 bbc
Store killing 'mistaken identity' 5 bbc
Sarkozy aims to head off unrest 1 bbc
Smith asked to explain expenses 12 bbc
Obama's housing plan 'to help 9m' 3 bbc
Swat peace rally reporter killed 2 bbc
Guantanamo Bay release overturned 2 bbc
Pensioner takes on RBS in court 2 bbc
DNA leads to woman's 1996 killer 4 bbc