News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Refinery dispute deal considered 0 bbc
Top 10 most controversial ads 3 bbc
US growth ahead of expectations 7 bbc
Russia warned over Georgia move 2 bbc
More drivers caught using phones 3 bbc
Austria 'sex captor' stays silent 0 bbc
Chinese virus infections rising 0 bbc
Trump to pitch into golf inquiry 1 bbc
Tube suicide bomb hoax man jailed 2 bbc
Austria seeks to 'rescue image' 6 bbc
Zimbabwe police accuse opposition 2 bbc
Father warns over 'extreme sport' 4 bbc
TB outbreak hits 30 schoolgirls 0 bbc
Weather affects fisherman search 12 bbc
Blasts near Yemen Italian embassy 3 bbc
More drivers caught using phones 2 bbc