News Article Title Version Source Discovered
E. coli twin boy leaves hospital 1 bbc
Hostages freed after French siege 5 bbc
Homophobic crime rise in London 1 bbc
Turtles prefer the 'city life' 1 bbc
Two Britons drown off Spain coast 1 bbc
NI child care applications double 1 bbc
UK population 'to rise to 71.6m' 8 bbc
Fire death father 'tried suicide' 5 bbc
Parents charged over baby death 2 bbc
Design changes cause Boeing loss 2 bbc
Terror suspect arrested in Boston 0 bbc
Population 'to hit highest level' 0 bbc
Jury discharged in harpist case 0 bbc
Leaders clash over postal dispute 2 bbc
Man dies and family hurt in fire 3 bbc
BAA to buy 700 homes near runway 1 bbc