News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Leading LVF man jailed for murder 1 bbc
Impotence fears hit polio drive 1 bbc
Iraq inquests backlog continues 1 bbc
Spain resizes clothes for women 3 bbc
Four quizzed over baby's injuries 2 bbc
Severe hunger looms for Zimbabwe 0 bbc
Weird, or just in search of meaning? 0 bbc
Court sees more 21 July footage 0 bbc
Morgan glee at England 'jealousy' 0 bbc
Leading LVF man jailed for murder 0 bbc
Station cleared in grenade alert 0 bbc
Is photocopying your face dangerous? 0 bbc
Ex-spy dismisses Litvinenko probe 1 bbc
Shopping voucher plan for addicts 7 bbc
Plans for tougher border controls 5 bbc
New agency to create 100,000 jobs 3 bbc