News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Welsh MPs handed reshuffle roles 0 bbc
Smith warns of 'sustained' threat 0 bbc
Cameron offers security support 0 bbc
Ingram resigns armed forces job 0 bbc
Browne defends dual cabinet roles 0 bbc
Labour MPs worried by Plaid deal 0 bbc
Surgeon appointed as minister 0 bbc
US court admits Guantanamo cases 0 bbc
Iraq Sunnis to boycott government 0 bbc
Rockets fired at Ivorian PM plane 0 bbc
Lebanon army 'kills protesters' 0 bbc
Deserted cocaine boat in Senegal 0 bbc
Somali PM wants UN peacekeepers 0 bbc
Police accused over Rio killings 0 bbc
East Timor set for critical poll 0 bbc
French unemployed at 25-year low 0 bbc