News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Fireworks herald end of festival 2 bbc
Lockerbie evidence not disclosed 3 bbc
Street stabbing boy is identified 2 bbc
It's a wrap 5 bbc
Republican Convention diary 0 bbc
Tribute to 'racist death' student 1 bbc
Nigeria denies militant attacks 1 bbc
South Africa bush fires 'kill 16' 2 bbc
When to use 'fewer' rather than 'less'? 2 bbc
Crude falls as Gustav fears ease 5 bbc
Japan PM in surprise resignation 4 bbc
Letter lottery defines spam load 0 bbc
Kenyans dismiss torture pay-out 0 bbc
Scott sues for age discrimination 0 bbc
New Russian world order: the five principles 1 bbc
Japan PM in surprise resignation 3 bbc