News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Chelsea 1-1 Arsenal 2 bbc
Chelsea 1-1 Arsenal 1 bbc
Chile's Gen Pinochet dies at 91 1 bbc
Chile's Gen Pinochet dead at 91 0 bbc
Chelsea 1-1 Arsenal 0 bbc
Tory leader portrayed as minstrel 0 bbc
Proud family unveil Iraq memorial 0 bbc
Website to 'shame' absent parents 8 bbc
Hong Kong votes for leader panel 1 bbc
Farah storms to European success 4 bbc
Gulf states announce nuclear plan 0 bbc
Dunfermline 1-2 Celtic 0 bbc
Inmate wants festive hats banned 0 bbc
Anti-poverty banker accepts Nobel 1 bbc
Civilians killed in Darfur attack 2 bbc
Beirut rally attracts huge crowd 4 bbc