News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Dentist who cheated NHS is jailed 0 bbc
Stretch limos 'front for crime' 2 bbc
God king pays tax for first time 1 bbc
Reward to catch mother's killer 3 bbc
Tension over Nigeria state ruling 1 bbc
You're never too old 1 bbc
Iraq 'al-Qaeda militants' killed 4 bbc
Ex-Iraq hostages forgive captors 3 bbc
Conform to our society, says PM 6 bbc
Tension over Nigeria state ruling 0 bbc
'Dirty War' extradition approved 0 bbc
No Israel recognition - Hamas PM 0 bbc
Tragic end to US man's rescue bid 1 bbc
On the lash 1 bbc
Patients' vCJD risk 'substantial' 2 bbc
Two men die in parked car crash 2 bbc