News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Kercher accused 'under pressure' 4 bbc
Aer Lingus cuts some US flights 0 bbc
'Urgent' birth care review needed 0 bbc
Paedophile network members jailed 10 bbc
Bradford's 'city of film' honour 1 bbc
Americans gear up for switch-off 1 bbc
Bradford's 'city of film' honour 2 bbc
Family joins Air France jet probe 2 bbc
Bomb kills senior Pakistan cleric 5 bbc
Kercher accused 'under pressure' 3 bbc
UK swine flu cases pass 900 mark 3 bbc
Third case of swine flu in Wales 0 bbc
Chlamydia test struggle continues 0 bbc
Ronaldo for beginners 1 bbc
Banksy in secret exhibition stunt 7 bbc
Can dogs really look 'guilty'? 0 bbc