News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Czech leader scorns EU politics 1 bbc
Woman loses assisted suicide case 3 bbc
US faces fresh Afghan obstacles 7 bbc
Anger at Swat journalist killing 0 bbc
Lib Dems unveil housing proposals 0 bbc
JJB Sports firms shed 438 staff 3 bbc
Recession hurts public finances 3 bbc
Anti-gay preachers banned from UK 1 bbc
Helicopter survivors back in port 13 bbc
France meets Guadeloupe demands 0 bbc
Danton wreck found in deep water 0 bbc
Chip shop destroyed in explosion 0 bbc
The potential risks of a kiss and a handshake 2 bbc
British soldier has face rebuilt 1 bbc
Fire crews tackle blaze at flats 1 bbc
UN chief in S Lanka civilian plea 1 bbc