News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Troops federation set for launch 0 bbc
Man dies after nightclub shooting 0 bbc
'Death risk' claim on fire change 0 bbc
Schooling for autistics condemned 1 bbc
Fresh criticism of Pope's remarks 1 bbc
Dozens of bodies found in Baghdad 1 bbc
Charles tribute for Prayer Book 1 bbc
Japanese police raid cult offices 0 bbc
Dozens of bodies found in Baghdad 0 bbc
UK soldier killed in Canada crash 8 bbc
Daughter of Harrow teacher killed 5 bbc
Taiwan leader supporters to rally 0 bbc
Sir Menzies attacks Gordon Brown 0 bbc
Celebrities urge action on Darfur 0 bbc
Apology call over Pope's comments 1 bbc
Blair demands action over Darfur 3 bbc