News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Suffolk case 'sex work' evidence 8 bbc
Markets bounce after US rate cut 31 bbc
Serbia agrees Gazprom energy deal 0 bbc
Prisons merge to create new jail 2 bbc
Clinton and Obama clash in debate 4 bbc
Markets bounce after US rate cut 30 bbc
Mother's evidence in Suffolk case 7 bbc
Where is it safe to walk the streets? 4 bbc
Boy guilty of disabled man murder 0 bbc
Fed cuts interest rates to 3.5% 0 bbc
Airliner crash-lands at Heathrow 25 bbc
Oscar nominations to be announced 1 bbc
Israel eases restrictions on Gaza 6 bbc
MP hits out at charity 'sob-in' 3 bbc
'Cruel' taxi fare dodger hunted 1 bbc
Men 'drink far more than women' 8 bbc