News Article Title Version Source Discovered
'New tests needed' for chemicals 0 bbc
Abortion pill national shortage 0 bbc
Teacher 'held girl, 5, by throat' 1 bbc
UK girls on Ghana drugs charges 4 bbc
UK girls on Ghana drugs charges 2 bbc
Peacekeeper 'smuggled Congo gold' 2 bbc
Dissidents 'behind station blast' 1 bbc
Peacekeeper 'smuggled Congo gold' 1 bbc
Woman in UK bomb probe released 5 bbc
Quiz of the week's news 0 bbc
Music players 'in lightning risk' 0 bbc
Universal cleared over race bias 0 bbc
Two women and boy found murdered 4 bbc
Police stop Nigeria hunger march 0 bbc
Security stepped up in Pakistan 0 bbc
Afghan police 'under-equipped' 0 bbc