News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Albania's long-lost Roman city 1 bbc
Overhaul of flood defences urged 3 bbc
One dead after bus station crash 7 bbc
Axe attack couple tell of ordeal 1 bbc
Gaza lion freed after two years 0 bbc
Bridgend car park murder appeal 1 bbc
Rare coins worth £500,000 stolen 3 bbc
Four guilty over 21/7 bomb plot 13 bbc
Iraq fears Turkey troop build-up 3 bbc
Axe attack couple tell of ordeal 0 bbc
Iraq battle looms in US Congress 2 bbc
Pakistan to negotiate over mosque 5 bbc
US Iraq chief warns of long war 1 bbc
Rhodri Morgan in artery surgery 7 bbc
Rival Liberia police forces clash 0 bbc
Church warning over terror fear 1 bbc