News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Viagra could aid jetlag recovery 0 bbc
Bush wants American at World Bank 0 bbc
Youth stabbed to death in resort 6 bbc
Lebanon fighting enters third day 1 bbc
Cancer patients 'short-changed' 0 bbc
Kerkorian aims to buy two casinos 0 bbc
Youth stabbed to death in resort 5 bbc
Litvinenko charges decision due 1 bbc
Job exodus abroad 'will continue' 0 bbc
Papers pay tribute to Cutty Sark 0 bbc
1,600 just three points from ban 0 bbc
Strike by Sikhs hits Indian state 1 bbc
'Insulting' song case in Pakistan 0 bbc
US and China to hold trade talks 0 bbc
Earl murder trial to open in Nice 0 bbc
Road pricing bill before Commons 1 bbc