News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Tatchell to stand for Green Party 1 bbc
GMTV promises quiz money refund 0 bbc
Verdict 'robbed Lucie of justice' 1 bbc
Toyota 'world's largest carmaker' 4 bbc
Navy resumes Gulf ship missions 1 bbc
Verdict 'robbed Lucie of justice' 0 bbc
French opponents seek new support 1 bbc
Yeltsin to lie in state in Moscow 4 bbc
Fishing vessel search called off 1 bbc
Medical info stolen in drugs scam 1 bbc
Man must go blind to get NHS help 1 bbc
Blair defends global terror fight 3 bbc
The original artful dodger 2 bbc
Stars back literary archive plans 2 bbc
Couple in 120 mile kidnap ordeal 3 bbc
Minister heckled by health staff 0 bbc