News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Abortion numbers increase again 6 bbc
Eyesore or gem: Brunel Roundabout 0 bbc
Sarkozy's new cabinet announced 0 bbc
Leading QC told 'sectarian joke' 1 bbc
Taleban capture Afghan district 2 bbc
Views sought on coast path plans 3 bbc
Manning penned his own obituary 1 bbc
Ghana 'will be an African tiger' 3 bbc
Euro MPs spurn 'pure vodka' bid 0 bbc
Ghana 'will be an African tiger' 2 bbc
'Three held' in Paris bank raid 4 bbc
Policing 'major rethink needed' 6 bbc
Calls for horse river plunge ban 1 bbc
US launches major Iraq offensive 4 bbc
Jail inmates 'to be freed early' 8 bbc
Council tax woman, 85, risks jail 0 bbc