News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Salmond spearheads party campaign 2 bbc
Firm sheds 600 call centre jobs 3 bbc
Blair aide's 'concern over Levy' 2 bbc
Three 'violent' activists jailed 1 bbc
Ghana celebrates first 50 years 13 bbc
Call to reopen Oklahoma bomb case 2 bbc
BBC strikes Google-YouTube deal 3 bbc
African force attacked in Somalia 2 bbc
MPs debating Lords reform plans 2 bbc
Nato in major anti-Taleban drive 7 bbc
Saudis held over French killings 0 bbc
Birthday killer jailed for life 0 bbc
Royal Marine dies in Afghanistan 3 bbc
Can coach travel ever be cool? 4 bbc
Blind ambition 3 bbc
Voters are reminded of procedures 3 bbc