News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Many teachers 'stressed in class' 1 bbc
NHS paying too much to drug firms 2 bbc
Third US state gets same-sex law 0 bbc
Royal seeks to revive French bid 0 bbc
US 'Iran attack plans' revealed 2 bbc
Police 'almost shot' 21/7 suspect 2 bbc
Bernard Matthews staff laid off 8 bbc
US 'Iran attack plans' revealed 1 bbc
Escaped hostage named Colombia FM 0 bbc
Terror trial lawyer defends jury 1 bbc
University agrees cutback scheme 4 bbc
Iraq inquests failings admitted 1 bbc
US 'Iran attack plans' revealed 0 bbc
Rwanda frees genocide prisoners 0 bbc
Tests show morphine eases coughs 1 bbc
Fire engine takes man to hospital 3 bbc