News Article Title Version Source Discovered
School scraps 'sponsored kidnap' 1 bbc
French Socialists pick candidate 0 bbc
Poor consumers pay credit premium 0 bbc
Fears over more customs job cuts 0 bbc
Doctors examine NHS change plans 0 bbc
McCain prepares White House bid 1 bbc
Cent Am summit targets corruption 0 bbc
EuroMillions sales 'set to soar' 0 bbc
MPs call for loan shark crackdown 0 bbc
Eating disorder guidelines issued 0 bbc
MSPs complete new planning bill 0 bbc
Israel hits Gaza militants' homes 2 bbc
Lottery results: Are you a winner? 0 bbc
Michael Jackson returns to stage 0 bbc
Warning over rise in syphilis 0 bbc
US soldier admits Iraq girl rape 5 bbc