News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Israelis kill W Bank 'militant' 4 bbc
Croatia top after win in Israel 0 bbc
Glider crash kills father and son 0 bbc
Boy detained for Briton's murder 0 bbc
Fears over more customs job cuts 3 bbc
Mobile network in internet tie-up 0 bbc
Gas scare school remains closed 0 bbc
Woman is rescued from flooded car 0 bbc
Bullying 'a culture of silence' 2 bbc
Israel hits Gaza militants' homes 3 bbc
MPs call for loan shark crackdown 1 bbc
School abandons 'charity kidnap' 2 bbc
Death sentence 'lifted on Briton' 2 bbc
Death sentence 'lifted on Briton' 8 bbc
McClaren cheered by England show 0 bbc
Wales 4-0 Liechtenstein 2 bbc