News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Taleban 'seize Afghan district' 1 bbc
Call for clarity over Pope speech 0 bbc
Life for job advert sex attacker 0 bbc
Hospital cancer service is saved 0 bbc
Slopping out payments to be made 0 bbc
Asbestos closes teen mums' school 0 bbc
UN Lebanon deaths 'tragic error' 1 bbc
Ivorian protesters beat minister 5 bbc
Noose tied on hijacked pensioner 3 bbc
'Terror training' suspects held 2 bbc
Briton denies Commons bomb plot 1 bbc
Zimbabwe union chief in hospital 0 bbc
Having a wheel of a time 1 bbc
Taleban 'seize Afghan district' 0 bbc
Ford cutting thousands of US jobs 15 bbc
Court confirms DR Congo poll date 0 bbc