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Woolworths store closures begin 0 bbc
Zimbabwe child malnutrition rises 0 bbc
Pakistan marks Bhutto anniversary 0 bbc
The entertainment year in quotes 0 bbc
Lung cancer screening trial hope 0 bbc
'Painful legacy' of heart attack 0 bbc
'I am happy with my weight now' 0 bbc
West End pays tribute to Pinter 0 bbc
China's year of tumult and triumph 0 bbc
Remembering Bhutto one year on 0 bbc
Fear stalks Kenyans one year on 0 bbc
Peru Christmas baby named Jesus 0 bbc
Senegal leader backs Guinea coup 0 bbc
US warning on South Asia tension 3 bbc
Property - perfect pad or profit? 0 bbc
Missing nurse found in car boot 7 bbc