News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Clegg debuts with fuel bills call 8 bbc
Maldives boy 'acted on instinct' 0 bbc
MPs vote for prisons strike ban 0 bbc
Official cleared of secrets leak 5 bbc
Apple to cut UK download prices 6 bbc
M&S hit by poor Christmas sales 14 bbc
Spain captures 'airport bombers' 3 bbc
Cancer patient loses visa battle 7 bbc
South Asia hit by food shortages 2 bbc
M&S hit by poor Christmas sales 13 bbc
Operation saves neglected animals 2 bbc
Government 'told of scald danger' 2 bbc
Protests halt Dutch science park 0 bbc
Retailers suffer after M&S slump 0 bbc
Spain abortion clinics on strike 0 bbc
Canoe couple face further charges 3 bbc