News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Pietersen suffers fractured rib 5 bbc
UK 'faces big defence decision' 3 bbc
King quit threat after PDC offer 1 bbc
Al-Qaeda 'rebuilding' in Pakistan 2 bbc
Queen rules over Bafta hopefuls 4 bbc
Aus v Eng ODI: As it happened 42 bbc
UK 'faces big defence decision' 2 bbc
Chinese facing shortage of wives 0 bbc
Deadly battle in Somali capital 0 bbc
France holds Russian billionaire 0 bbc
Teacher sacked for having firearm 0 bbc
Man cleared of 'revenge killing' 0 bbc
New bid to help children in care 0 bbc
UK 'faces big defence decision' 1 bbc
Rocket hits US embassy in Athens 5 bbc
Boat loses power after wave hits 1 bbc