News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Yousuf takes Pakistan captaincy 3 bbc
Bodies of mother and sons found 5 bbc
UK rates left unchanged at 4.75% 3 bbc
What happened to the drought? 2 bbc
'Mystery' prisoner baffles court 3 bbc
Met defends Muslim officer move 0 bbc
Beefcakes and fruitcakes 0 bbc
Computer firm to create 190 jobs 0 bbc
Feud children 'speak of suicide' 0 bbc
Bodies 'filled road' after bomb 0 bbc
Prisons set to hit full capacity 6 bbc
Filming resumes on Top Gear show 1 bbc
Guantanamo lawyer accuses Britain 3 bbc
Somalis demand cleric's release 1 bbc
Funeral for baby mauled by dogs 4 bbc
Guantanamo lawyer accuses Britain 2 bbc