News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Iran ex-president's Scots visit 4 bbc
Bomb strikes Iraq wedding party 10 bbc
Corfu hotel's licence suspended 4 bbc
Mayor U-turn on Tube 'terrorist' 7 bbc
US mid-terms at-a-glance: 30 October 2 bbc
Briton gunned down in Caribbean 2 bbc
Winter flu jabs evidence queried 4 bbc
California fire claims four lives 6 bbc
UN envoy Pronk to return to Sudan 3 bbc
Heard the one about... 7 bbc
Harrington claims Order of Merit 8 bbc
Elis-Thomas angry at budget vote 5 bbc
Bulgaria leader wins second term 4 bbc
Zoo celebrating rare dove birth 3 bbc
US debates 'hidden' food fats ban 6 bbc
Officer advises on drinking hours 4 bbc