News Article Title Version Source Discovered
DR Congo counting landmark vote 3 bbc
Elections, scary stuff 5 bbc
Sri Lanka clash after talks fail 2 bbc
Man subjected to sexual assault 2 bbc
Copying own CDs 'should be legal' 5 bbc
Climate change and tax in papers 3 bbc
Hayden claims shock world title 15 bbc
Brazil re-elects President Lula 7 bbc
Miliband draws up green tax plan 12 bbc
Blake completes Masters Cup field 2 bbc
Ex-INLA man's son on bomb charges 6 bbc
Demand for end to Mexico protest 6 bbc
India's Sensex breaks 13,000 mark 4 bbc
Campaign targets benefit cheats 4 bbc
Mexico riot police re-take Oaxaca 5 bbc
Tommy Suharto freed from prison 2 bbc