News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Valley anger at Burberry closure 0 bbc
Kidnapped girl 'dreamt of escape' 6 bbc
Positive verdict on IRA activity 2 bbc
Cameron criticises globalisation 3 bbc
Kidnapped girl 'dreamt of escape' 5 bbc
Blair faces wave of resignations 18 bbc
Man jailed for speed camera blast 6 bbc
More time to quiz terror suspects 0 bbc
Sudan forces crush fuel protest 0 bbc
Explosions hit Yemeni port city 0 bbc
Pakistan denies Bin Laden 'gaffe' 0 bbc
Politician hurt in Dhaka clashes 0 bbc
Plans for 'shop a smoker' hotline 0 bbc
Israel to lift Lebanon blockade 0 bbc
Education dominates MSPs' return 2 bbc
Grounded Nimrod flight takes off 3 bbc