News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Saddam Hussein's top aides hanged 13 bbc
QC Findlay guilty of misconduct 1 bbc
Hitting a wall 1 bbc
Call for better NHS gambling help 0 bbc
Police identify body as teacher 0 bbc
Baby son joy for test-tube mother 2 bbc
Somalia shuts down broadcasters 1 bbc
Brazil crater scoured for victims 1 bbc
Labour crime claims 'misleading' 2 bbc
Arrest over Russian banker murder 2 bbc
BA staff vote for strike action 6 bbc
Leading IVF doctor investigated 7 bbc
Fourth seed Ljubicic knocked out 1 bbc
Deadly ice storm hits central US 3 bbc
Somalia shuts down broadcasters 0 bbc
New leader set to reform Ecuador 0 bbc