News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Gaza gunmen kill school children 9 bbc
Man rescued from flooded bridge 2 bbc
Arrest over charity worker murder 4 bbc
Zidane visits Algerian homeland 3 bbc
Legal aid granted to Soham killer 1 bbc
Fourth Suffolk prostitute missing 6 bbc
NHS 'must make surplus next year' 8 bbc
EU argues over Turkey's penalty 5 bbc
Pardew sacked as West Ham manager 7 bbc
Spy murder police visit Germany 2 bbc
Dubai firm sells US ports to AIG 0 bbc
Blow to Babangida's Nigeria bid 0 bbc
Killer husband is jailed for life 0 bbc
Ex-rebel 'ahead' in Aceh election 2 bbc
Families 'key to poverty fight' 5 bbc
A shameful failure, or just an addict? 1 bbc